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Why buy from GrocerMax ?
What products are available ?


How do I register ?
Are there any charges for registration ?
Do I have to necessarily register to shop on GrocerMax ?
Can I have multiple registrations ?

Order related

What if something I want is not available ?
What are delivery slots ?
Can I add/remove products to my order after checkout ?
What is a "happy slot"?
Can I change my order delivery slot after placing the order ?
How do I check which items were not available from my order ? Will someone inform me about the items unavailable in my order before delivery ?
When and how can I cancel an order ?
Is there any guarantee on GOWYS "Get Only What You See" ?

Customer related

How do I contact customer service ?
What are your timings to contact customer service ?
How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service ?
How do I raise a claim with customer service for any of the Guarantees – Delivery & Quality ?

My account

What is My Account ?
How do I reset my password if I forget it ?
What is My Shopping List ?


How does my order get packed ?
How will the delivery be done ?
Is your delivery team verified by police ?
How do I track my delivery ?
Can delivery date and slot be changed ?
When will I receive my order ?
How are the fruits and vegetables weighed ?
How do I change the delivery info (address to which I want products delivered) ?
How much are the delivery charges ?
Do you deliver in my area ?
Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed ?
What is the minimum order for delivery ?
Do you do same day delivery ?
Is Same Day Delivery applicable to only a few products or all products ?

Cancellation & Return policy

Can I cancel certain items from my order ?
What if I receive an item which is damaged/expired/not in usable condition ?
What is refund process in case of cancellation ?


Where can I find currently running offers/ promotions ?
I am a corporate/ business. Can I place orders with GrocerMax ?
Will I always get the freebies mentioned in your offer/s?